Whether your system needs a new baffle, drain field cleaning or minor lines repaired, we have the experience and expertise to make sure the repair is done correctly. Septic tanks are extremely sensitive and need care every so often. 

All septic tanks need regular cleaning and pumping to maintain safety and the life of your septic tank. A septic tank clog can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. We can correct the problems with your system and get it running like new again.

    We recommend pumping and inspecting all components of your septic  system every 3-5 years. More frequent pumping may be recommended based on…

    • People in the household
    • Water usage
    • Amount of solid waste generated
    • Overall condition of your system
    We highly recommend the following items NOT be flushed into your septic system including but not limited to….
    • hair
    • condoms
    • tampons
    • facial tissue/paper towels
    • baby wipes
    • paint
    • fats/oils/grease
    • any uneaten food particles
    • cigarette butts
    • plastic wrappers
    • dental floss
    • motor oil or any petroleum based chemicals
    • vegetable peelings
  • Holding tanks are only designed to trap wastewater until it is hauled off site.
    Pumping frequency is determined by the overall water usage of the home or building connected to the holding tank. A holding tank needs to be pumped when the alarm or warning light illuminates.
    The typical response time for emptying the holding tank once it becomes full is 12-48 hours. All holding tanks need to be all weather accessible and properly secured with a locking device.
  • Grease Traps are installed at commercial kitchens and restaurants.  They are designed to trap fats, oils, and grease to prevent a backup in the septic or sewer lines.
    Regular maintenance is required depending on use to insure the trap works properly.